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Bible, inerrancy & inspiration: Inerrancy: I Think Someone Forgot to Tell the Bible by Peter Enns

“‘Inerrancy,’ regardless of how the term is defined, does not capture the Bible’s character complex dynamics. Inerrancy sells the Bible—and God—short.”

Bookstores: United Methodists’ Cokesbury Retail Stores to Close [Translation: the last brick-and-mortar Christian bookstore I enjoy going into that is located anywhere near me and that always has great resources in stock will soon be no more. No, neither Family Christian, Lifeway, or Mardel does it for me. Sigh. Bang the drum slowly.]

“The United Methodist Publishing House plans to close its Cokesbury retail bookstores nationwide … to focus on selling online and through its call center. … From January through April, all 38 standalone retail stores … across the country will close.”

Churches of Christ today, politic & the Republican party: * Have Christians Become Too Identified With a Political Party? [required reading]; * Are Churches of Christ in the U.S. a Red State Movement? [required reading]

* “Have Christians become too identified with a political party?”

* “Three out of four members of Churches of Christ in the U.S. reside in a state that supported Republican Mitt Romney for president.”

Government & politics: Why Christians Should Not All Respond to Government Alike by Dan Bouchelle

“As I read scripture, I see several models of how God’s people can interact with the governments of this world with honor as God’s faithful servants.”

Leadership: Why the Jesus-Model of Leadership is Rejected by Terry Rush

“Only by His grace did enough good friends surround me, that I could hang on to get to see merely a glimpse of the Jesus-style which is ever freeing and always right.”

Presidential election: How Obama Won Re-election [interactive maps]

“Most of the nation shifted to the right in Tuesday’s vote, but not far enough to secure a win for Mitt Romney.”

Small groups: 10 Ways to Keep the Passion In Your Small Group Ministry by Rick Warren

“I have learned passion is the common trait that keeps you pressing on through the hard times and sparking your imagination to dream about risking for God in the good times. Passion can’t be faked; it must be born out of the soul. So where is your passion?”

Overseas travel: 10 Things I Learned While in the Middle East by John Huckins

“Over the past four years I have had the opportunity to spend a significant amount of time in the Middle East.  I no longer approach the time as a tourist, but instead seek out relationships and experiences as a listener who has much to learn about the way God is at work in contexts much different than my own.  In that posture, it has been remarkable how much I have learned and begun to integrate into the way I live, love and lead back in my neighborhood.”

the presidential election, prayer & Miroslav Volf


Miroslav Volf has been posting a series of status updates on his Facebook page laying out  (1) “a concern,” (2) a “value,” (3) a “rationale,” (4) the “debate,” and (5) “a question” for this year’s U.S. presidential candidates. If you plan to vote, you should read these posts. If you don’t plan to vote, you should read them to help you as you pray for the leaders of the world’s nations.

These same posts will likely appear in the (free) fall issue of Yale Divinity School’s publication Reflections.

If you’re unfamiliar with Volf, here’s a link to a fine interview of Volf conducted by Krista Tippett back in 2004 that will help you appreciate the man. His thoughts on enemies, forgiveness, nonviolence, and pacifism are particularly insightful and powerful.