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Bird migration & Lake Hula: Cranes at the Hula

“… report 35,300 cranes at the park last Wednesday. They spend the night on the lake and in the early morning fly off to forage for food. It is an incredible sight to see thousands of cranes take to the sky.”

Hannukkah & the Temple Mount: Likud MK Regev: Police Must Allow Jews to Visit Temple Mount on Hanukka

“Jewish groups and activists who regularly visit the Temple Mount frequently complain that the police do not treat them appropriately and hamper their wishes to go up to the site, especially on Jewish festivals.”

Mount Precipice (aka: Mount Kedumim) & Nazareth: * Proposal for Huge Jesus Statue in Nazareth; * Mount Precipice

* “Bishara Shlayan, a Christian Arab from Nazareth, is hoping to build a huge statue of Jesus on Mount Precipice, near his home city. Shlayan … has already begun fund-raising for the project and … is getting positive feedback from the Israeli Arab Christian community as well as some Jews. He sees the statue as being similar to but larger than the huge Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.”

* “The hill that we call Mount Precipice is not the hill on which the ancient city was built.”

Patara: Patara (southern Turkey) and the US House of Representatives!

“… the ‘Lycian Confederation’ is mentioned four times in the Federalist Papers that were produced between 1787–1788 (#9, 16, 45). Over 2,000 years ago it met in Patara—the same place where Paul and Luke changed ships on their way to Jerusalem (Acts 21:1-3). … The Lycian Confederation is the first known democratic union in history!”

Tel Kabri & wine: One of Civilization’s Oldest Wine Cellars?

“A team of archaeologists discovered this storage room while excavating the site of Tel Kabri in northern Israel. The room measured approximately 15-by-25 feet, and held 40 wine jars that were 3,700 years old.”

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Bethesda: The Bethesda Pool

“Among the most famous of Jesus’ miracles is recounted in the Gospel of John, where Jesus heals the paralytic at the Bethesda Pool (John 5:2-9).”

Benjamin Plateau, Gibeon & Gibeah: Gibeon (part 2) & Gibeah (part 3)

* “… the plateau is guarded by four cities. The city on the western edge is Gibeon. Anyone who came from the coastal plain and through the Aijalon Valley would approach the area through Gibeon. … The picture at the top of this post is of Gibeon, as seen from Nebi Samwil. In the distance, you can see modern-day Ramallah in the West Bank.”

* “… the town of Gibeah guarded the southern end of the Benjamin Plateau. It is located about 2,800 feet in elevation on the watershed ridge along the central mountain range. As a traveler going north along the ‘Way of the Patriarchs’ out of Jerusalem, Gibeah would have been the first city that they would have come to. No doubt, many of the central figures of the Bible went through Gibeah.”

Lachish: Lachish: Open Access to BAR Articles on Lachish Archaeology

“To mark the opening of the fourth expedition to Tel Lachish, we’ve made a collection of seven BAR articles on the third expedition to Lachish free and publicly available …”

Mount Hermon: Autumn on Mount Hermon

“Mount Hermon is actually a cluster of mountains extending for about 150 km in a northeast-southwest direction with three distinct summits that straddle the border between Syria and Lebanon. The southern slopes of Mount Hermon extend to the Golan Heights and a peak in this area rising to 2,236 meters is the highest elevation in Israel. The Hermon range covers an area of about 1000 square km, of which about 70 km² are under Israeli control.”

Myra: Paul Visited the “Home City” of Santa Claus

“Myra is the ancient Lycian name of an important city located near the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. Today the city is called ‘Demre,’ or more recently ‘Kale.’ The apostle Paul visited Myra in A.D. 60. … In the Byzantine Period Myra was the provincial capital of Lycia, and in the fourth century St. Nicholas was its bishop!”

Patara: A Lighthouse Viewed by Paul and Luke?

“At the end of Paul’s third journey, as he was heading for Jerusalem, he and Luke changed ships at Patara—a port located on the Mediterranean coast of present day Turkey … A mysterious structure is located on the northern edge of the beach and on the western edge of the now silted harbor of Patara. It is claimed that this is the ‘oldest preserved’ lighthouse in the world! … a Greek inscription “naming Marcus Sextius Priscus” indicates that the light house was built prior to A.D. 54. Thus, the lighthouse may have guided the ship that Paul and Luke were on into the harbor of Patara (ca. A.D. 57/59).”