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Animal sacrifice, economics, Jerusalem & the templeAnimal Sacrifice at Temple Powered Ancient Jerusalem’s Economy

“An analysis of bones found in an ancient dump in the city dating back 2,000 years revealed that animals sacrificed at the temple came from far and wide.”

Assos: Paul at Assos — Final Part

“… the harbor that Paul left from for Mytilene was located a bit to the east of the modern harbor.”

Copper, mining, Solomon & Timna: King Solomon’s Mines, After All

“A new study by a team from Tel Aviv University concludes that the copper mines at Timna, near Eilat, were in operation during the reign of Solomon.”

Derbe: * Derbe Excavations Explore Pauline Site; * Excavations at Derbe Have Begun; * Remains of First Religious Structure Discovered in Central Anatolia

* “Excavations near Karaman in southern Turkey have begun to uncover remains from ancient Derbe, a site of Paul’s evangelizing in Acts 14-16.”

* “Derbe has been identified with the antiquity of site of Kerti Hüyük which is located 15 miles [24 km.] north northeast of Karaman. … Derbe was situated in the Lycaonian region (Acts 14:6) of the Roman province of Galatia.”

* “A structure that is believed to have served as a possible early Christian religious place has been discovered in archaeological excavations in the ancient city of Derbe, in the Central Anatolian province of Karaman.”