mad church disease (3)

When we create boundaries, we aren’t saying to the world, ” I can’t help you.” Instead, we’re saying, “I must focus intentionally on the specific things God has placed right now in my direct influence.” By saying no to people and to things that are not contained within God’s distinct vision for our lives, we’re actually saying yes to to his sovereignty. He knows the best way for his will to be accomplished. For us to assume we can handle more is rebellious and counter productive.

In order to heal, you will have to create boundaries in all areas of your health. At first, expect it to be difficult when you start using one of the most important words in your healing – “NO!” You may feel guilty for saying it. People may get angry at you for saying it. But you must say it!

List three to five areas in which you know boundaries will be difficult to create and maintain. These can be about how you spend your time or how you can make changes in your relationships or in areas of ministry you know need adjustment.






Write a prayer asking God to help you understand the importance of setting boundaries and to begin giving the courage you will need to establish and follow through on them.

Mad Church Disease: Overcoming the Burnout Epidemic by Anne Jackson (Zondervan, 2009), pp.115-116