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Note: if you vote today, let me encourage you to first carefully read all of all four of the following articles, in the order you see them here, and then pray. And for that matter, if you have already voted, do the same.

1. 6 Types of Misinformation to Beware Of on Election Day. (And What to Do if You Spot Them.)

“Be careful of rumors and hoaxes about the voting and polling places. Here are some tips for spotting and avoiding false information.”

2. A Voter’s Guide for Thinking Evangelicals

“Of course you will say, on the basis of these things, now I have no one to vote for! But in fact there is lesser and greater evil, and if you don’t choose the lesser of several evils, you end up permitting the greater evils. Which again, is why we have to vote. Take the car wreck over the train with many passengers wreck every time.”

3. The Calling of Crappy Citizenship

“… the all-important principle of Christian anarchism: rather than championing no government, Christian anarchists advocate a politics so odd, eccentric, and peculiar that it must be incommensurate with all other conventional forms of politics.”

4. What America Owes Frederick Douglass

“… the only weapons most of us have in this historical moment are those Douglass named: our voice, our pen and our vote.”

links: this went thru my mind

Application, Bible reading, interpretation, meditation, obedience & reflection: * Reading the Bible vs. Being Read by the Bible; * Asking the Bible to Do More Than It Does

* “I suspect it was for my failure that God had been waiting.”

* “According to Scripture we do not first know and comprehend the way and then decide to follow it; it is rather the one who is on the journey who knows that he is on the right way. Knowledge comes only in action and decision. Only he who is in truth will recognize the truth.”

Archaeology, credibility, discernment, hoaxes, reality & scams: Questions to Ask of Sensational Stories

“… I suggest that the following questions be asked as you read …”

Communication, literary devices, public speaking & writing: 10 Literary Devices that Actually Work

“If you want to become a better writer, using literary devices is a way to add spice.”

Government, politics & voting: Greg on Politics

“Think deeply about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and whether or not you should be having any allegiance to the politics of this world.”

it went thru my mind

Archaeology. Ah, spring! More sun, growing grass, singing birds, blooming flowers … and the annual parade of hoaxes and supposed “discoveries” related to Christian faith. If you heard that some of the nails used in the crucifixion of Jesus have been recently found, you ought to read Robert Cargill’s piece entitled no, simcha, you didn’t find the ‘nails of the cross’ of christ.

China. Barring something unforeseen, over two hundred will gather at MoSt Church tomorrow, openly worship God, and probably not even think of such as a privilege, but as a right. We’d all do well to follow what’s going down in China, pause, and pray.

Civil War. The American Civil War began one hundred and fifty years ago this past Tuesday. Most of you know of my interest in, and research of, the Civil War in years past. In fact, you’ll see some of the fruit of that labor in regular posts on Tuesdays here on my site in the coming weeks. If you read nothing else that I link to today, read Ben Witherington’s simply outstanding post A Son of the South – 150 Years On.

Drinking. How have you been talking about Charlie Sheen? David Briggs’ piece The Double-Edged Sword of Religion and Alcoholism will make you think. Thank you, Doug Williams, for making me aware of this great article.

God & tragedy. I really enjoy reading Ted Gossard‘s writing. Every week I wind up bookmarking something he’s written. His piece entitled Does God Cause Everything? is something you ought to read. Why? Because what we think about God matters and we’re all theologians.

Idols. In our adult Bible classes just a few weeks ago at MoSt we looked at the second of the Ten Commandments (“you shall not make an idol”). Jared Wilson’s post entitled How to Identify Your Idols is a brief, supremely practical follow-up to that study.

Music. “Oh, be careful little ears what you hear.” Matt Dabbs’ post America’s Top 5 Songs – Better Find Out What Your Kids are Listening To sounds just like a sermon I preached … back in the ’80’s. Some things never change … for the better.

Non-retaliation. As a bit of a visual to go with my sermon this Sunday morning (Toward a Life of Blessing), watch this video (“Cleaning the Cobra Pit“). As Christ-followers, we are like the one cleaning the cobra pit. We’re to take our stand among those loaded with venom and serve them, doing them good. Retaliation is the way of death. “… you must not oppose those who want to hurt you. … love your enemies … just as your heavenly Father is complete in showing love to everyone …” (Matt. 5:39,44,48)

War, pacifism, & Churches of Christ. If I told you that Churches of Christ in the U.S. were at one time a largely pacifist people, would you laugh? Yes, that’s probably how few know about this portion of the history of my church heritage and it was not that long ago (within my father’s lifetime). If you’re a member of Churches of Christ, three of  Timothy Archer‘s posts this week would be of interest to you along this line: (a) Moral Legacy of War, (b) The Decline of Pacifism in Churches of Christ, and (c) The Decline of Pacifism in Churches of Christ: Cordell Christian College. Tim frequently broaches this subject so you’ll probably want to watch his great site for more to come, particularly as you think about our upcoming study of the sixth of the Ten Commandments (“you shall not kill”).

Just for fun. I confess, I was a Doctor Who fan back in the ’70’s and ’80s, but have missed seeing it since its return in 2005. Who is Doctor Who? Well, if I have to explain, you need not read further, but if you too are a fan, you’ll appreciate The Only Doctor Who Infographic You Will Need. I ought to get the theme song as a ring tone for my phone. Now, if they’ll ever just put that Tardis USB hub into a half-price sale …