links to 3 interesting articles

1. Then They Came For Me

“Niemöller’s life is a paradigm of socio-ethical sanctification. Any reading of this book will help pastors especially to become more patient with themselves and with others, and perhaps encourage them to tell their own stories honestly — stories of growth and changing course.”

2. Alzheimer’s disease: mounting evidence that herpes virus is a cause

“It’s important to note that all studies, including our own, only show an association between the herpes virus and Alzheimer’s – they don’t prove that the virus is an actual cause. Probably the only way to prove that a microbe is a cause of a disease is to show that an occurrence of the disease is greatly reduced either by targeting the microbe with a specific anti-microbial agent or by specific vaccination against the microbe. Excitingly, successful prevention of Alzheimer’s disease by use of specific anti-herpes agents has now been demonstrated in a large-scale population study in Taiwan.”

3. This Is the Most Lucrative Moment in History to Catch Bass

“The number of BASS-affiliated college clubs has increased to 179, from 71 in 2012. And participation in high school clubs has boomed even more, to over 10,000 members from 793 in 2013. At least seven colleges now offer bass fishing scholarships.”