family talk questions for Sun., Oct. 4

1. It’s a new month and that means we have a new theme for our Sunday morning sermons, though we remain focused on Jesus’ parables and the proverbs of Solomon. Last month’s theme was communication; this month’s theme is the family. When you think of the home, what passages of the Bible jump to your mind?

2. Things just aren’t the way the used to be when a previous generation was growing up. In some ways that’s good; in some ways that’s not so good at all. This much is clear: our country is becoming more and more a secular society. How do you see this affecting your family’s life? What pressures are being placed on your family because of this cultural slide? How is your family dealing with those pressures?

3. Do you believe it is more difficult to be a true husband and wife to each other today than it was for the previous generation? Easier? About the same? Consider the same question with raising children in mind. What about the health of multi-generational relationships and caring for your parents (no matter their age. Explain your answers, remembering that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

4. If you were to make a list of the top three concerns you have for your family these days, what would they be? Why? Conversely, what three aspects of your home life do you feel best about? Why?

5. What effects, positive and negative, have you seen technology play in the dynamics of your home life? Consider it all: cell phones and computers, the Internet and texting, video games and television, and more. If you are a parent, how has technology impacted your family’s relationships?