What will you find on this site?

Quite a number of links to articles, posts, and sites I’ve read by others on a variety of Bible-related subjects.

LIFE group discussion guides that connect my week’s sermon with our church’s small groups.

Occasional book reviews or collections of quotes from books I’ve read. Posts regarding the year’s church-wide Bible reading project.

Every Sunday you’ll find a picture I’ve taken that either reminds me of a particular Scripture or illustrates some of a specific text’s thought.

And more, as the notion strikes me, but all of it either Bible or Christian ministry related.


  1. I came across your website and I really love the messages you’re sharing. I think you’d be an excellent addition to a blog tour event I am organizing for Christian author John Beehner. Please peruse his website at http://askwisecounsel.blogspot.com/ and let me know if you’d be interested in participating. The event will host Christian authors, bloggers, entrepreneurs, scholars, and pastors from all over the United States, and I’d love to have your voice among them.

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