my books: friends & counselors #7

George Knight, in his comments on Leviticus 4.13-5.13 – which happens to be a portion of our reading today in the IMMERSE Bible reading project at MoSt Church – makes the following, moving observation on God and sin:

To a man, an inadvertent sin may appear to be quite unimportant. But God actually ‘smells’ an odor of it in his nostrils, that is to say, it comes right up into the very experience of his own person and affects him. Human sin reaches God, touches him, it hurts him, it moves him. But what happens is that it moves him to be deeply compassionate, and so God is ready to forgive man despite man’s insolent attack upon the revelation of his will and loving purpose.

Leviticus by George A.F. Knight (Westminster Press, 1981); p.34