my books: friends & counselors: #5

Lord God, God of peace, God of knowledge, God of grace, we come before You, diligently seeking from You that which is severely lacking in our world: peace.

On a national level, we are torn with the violence of enemies within and foes without, and often by our own self-driven divisiveness. On a worldwide scale, we are appalled and distressed by the lack of regard for human sanctity, and wonder if Your word of value for all Your children will ever be heard by the masses.

We confess, lord, that the outer battles we humans fight are the result of our own inner conflicts, our own sinful pride, our own drive for power and control, our own willful response to hidden fears and unspoken guilt.

Forgive us, God, when we champion violence as the only answer to violence. Forgive us when we demand justice for our enemies and expect mercy for ourselves.

Help us, father, to be a people who love You and Your ways, a people who love much and hate little, a people who desire and declare Your healing, reconciliation, and joy, a people who speak the language of love and resist the tongue of evil.

We praise and honor You, Lord, and lay our request at Your feet, and ask for peace within ourselves, and within our world, through the Name of the One who blesses the peacemakers. Amen.

Rekindled: Warmed by Fires of Hope by Virgil M. Fry (Leafwood Publishers, 2007); pp.61-62