my books: friends & counselors: #1

Though by the time I encountered Mark Strom’s book The Symphony of Scripture: Making Sense of the Bible’s Many Themes (P&R Publishing, 1990) I was already aware that Scripture – all Scripture – simultaneously works multiple angles and levels, it was a very simple diagram in that book that deeply drove that thought home within me.

The diagram was part of one of Strom’s comments (p.173) on Matthew 13.1-23 (one of the accounts of Jesus’ parable of the farmer sowing seed).

Parables-Matthew-13 - Copy

Scripture is always deeper and more involved, more varied and nuanced, more complex and full than any mere “just read it and take it at face value” approach can ever discern, understand, grasp, or appreciate.

* Note: This series of posts is totally random in nature; I’m simply pulling a book off the shelf and sharing with you something this book has shared with me.