a scribe’s scribblings: a log (16)

MoSt Church‘s three-year Immerse Bible reading project goes hand-in-hand with my Inscribe Scripture copying project. Following is the essence of the Immerse project.

Initiation: today (Sun., Jan. 20)
Motivation: God has revealed his will to us
Method: as a church we’ll read the entire Bible in 3 years
Entry: we will begin our reading with Luke’s Gospel
Rationale: to be exposed to the Lord’s light for our transformation
Social: foster conversation with others over Scripture
Evidence: building up our faith in our Father

Reflection: 32 weeks of reading & 20 weeks of reflection each year
Excitement: enriching our enjoyment of the Author of all life
Association: making connections between Scripture & daily life
Decision: to live by every word that proceeds from him
Inscribe: while we all read I’ll copy the entire Bible by hand
Newness: bring creativity & freshness to our experience of God
Generate: sincere love for God & others thru good works

When you finish each day’s reading, ask yourself the following four questions. Converse with others in this project using these same questions.

1. Channel: “My attention was channeled to _____.”
What stood out to you in today’s reading?

2. Challenge: “I found _____ challenging.”
What was confusing or difficult for you?

3. Christ: “God appears to me as _____.”
Did anything make you think differently about God?

4. Change“This calls for me to change the way I _____.”
How might this change the way you live?