a scribe’s scribblings: a log (13)

Boomer! Sooner!*

I began copying the Bible by hand – my Inscribe project – this morning. Yes, one week earlier than I had previously announced (Jan. 20).

The church’s Immerse Bible reading project will begin next Sun., Jan. 20.

What did I copy this morning? Luke 1.1-45.

And why did I start Inscribe one week early? So as to coincide with my firstborn’s birthday.

Happy birthday, son! 🙂

* This is a nod to my birth state, not the OU football team. Boomers were people who had lobbied for the opening of the “Unassigned Territories” for settlement by non-Native-Americans. Sooners were those who entered the land ahead of the designated legal day and time so as to get a jump on everyone else (cf. the Oklahoma Land Run of April 22, 1889).