a scribe’s scribblings: a log (12)

You’ve got more questions? I’ve got (some) answers.

Q. Immerse. Inscribe. I’m getting confused. Which project goes by which name?
A. Immerse is the three-year, church-wide, Bible reading project. Inscribe is my personal, concurrent write-as-we-read project. Think: us immersing ourselves in the word and me inscribing the word.

Q. Can a person do the Immerse reading project electronically?
A. Yes. The Immerse Bible is available for download on Amazon Kindle. And each month I’ll post the month’s texts to read so that if a person wants to use any translation and/or do all their reading online (e.g. – like thru BibleGateway) they can do so.

Q. About the Immerse project: at what pace will we read?
A. Let me answer with a sample. Following is the Immerse reading schedule from the project’s start until the end of this month. This should give you a good feel for things. Very doable!

Jan. 20: Luke 1.1-80
Jan. 21: Luke 2.1-4.13
Jan. 22: Luke 4.14-6.49
Jan. 23: Luke 7.1-9.50
Jan. 24: Luke 9.51-11.36
Jan. 25: Luke 11.37-13.21
Jan. 26: Luke 13.22-17.10
Jan. 27: Luke 17.11-19.27
Jan. 28: Luke 19.28-21.38
Jan. 29: Luke 22.1-24.53
Jan. 30: Acts 1.1-4.4
Jan. 31: Acts 4.5-6.7

Q. I’m just not a reader. The Immerse project isn’t for me.
A. Soooo, what are you saying? Are you asking me for some sort of “permission” to not drink in the word? Surely not.

… what makes you truly alive is … following every word that comes from the mouth of the Eternal One. (Deuteronomy 8.3 The Voice)

Think about it: what do you read in any given day? You are probably more of a reader than you realize! And if you’re not, you can challenge yourself to become one. Is it your attention span? Break the reading into several pieces across the day. If you cannot due to health/physical/sight issues, then trying listening to the word (e.g. – via Audible or Biblegateway, have someone read it to you, etc.). Whatever the case, I urge you: be challenged by our guest speaker tomorrow morning at MoSt Church, Glynn Langston, who is a blind missionary to the blind!

Q. If I may ask, how much will copying the Bible cost you in dollars and cents?
A. I don’t know how much the Inscribe project will cost because I don’t know exactly how many notebooks I’ll wind up filling or how much ink will be used. The quality of the notebooks I’ve initially selected are built to last (e.g. – archival quality paper, Smyth-sewn binding, etc.). That ups the expense. I’ll say “several hundred dollars,” grand total.