a scribe’s scratchings: a log (4)

But they all alike began to make excuses. (Luke 14.18)

For a very long time now I’ve had the inkling in my head to copy the Bible by hand. And for a very long time now I’ve not acted on that inkling. I mean, in this regard I’ve put the pro in procrastination. My reasons: time and handwriting.

I say reasons. Rub that out. Completely. Replace it with a more accurate word: excuses.

Time. We all have the same amount of it each day. Of course, by no means are those hours all spoken for in the same way. And, due to profound responsibilities and necessities, some of us have precious “free” time each week. But, spending some time in the word of the Lord, well, this is a profound necessity we dare not skimp on or attempt to skirt; even if it is just a single sentence each day. And so, the only question that remains is exactly how we’ll spend that time in his revelation to us.

As for me, since I can read and write, then I can do both as I read. And so, to say to myself “I do not have enough time to write out Scripture” is simply empty self-deception.

Handwriting. Mine is horrific. Why, except for my signature, I gave up cursive while still in college. That’s been awhile. I, quite literally, can no longer even correctly form the cursive alphabet! [I just tried] And my hand-printing? Think whatever the antonym is of “draftsman;” I call it “encryption.” Oh, it is legible to me, but I’m always embarrassed for others to see it. No small number of people have commented or jabbed me about it through the years.

But, I must ask myself: why will I copy the Bible by hand? If the primary reason is not about others reading it, but is about my reading and experiencing it for own gain, then so long as I can still read my own handwriting, why should I care one wit what it looks like to others? While others will see it, this is not so much about display to others as it is for development of my walk with the Author.

And so … I am done with these lame excuses. Done, done, done, I say.

But, in so saying, this gives me pause … what other “reasons” in other areas of my life are actually just “excuses?”