a scribe’s scratchings: a log (1)

Resolved: As the church family of which I am a part reads through the Bible  over the course of the next three years – a project named Immerse, that starts on Sun., Jan. 20, and follows this plan – I will read, and copy by hand, the entire Bible during that same period of time.

Resolved: I will briefly share on a regular basis, via this blog, some of my experiences in this effort.

They will commit themselves to rise early, to seek the Lord who made them, and to pray to the Most High. They will open their mouth in prayer and ask forgiveness for their sins. If the great Lord is willing, they will be filled with a spirit of understanding; they will pour forth words of wisdom, and they will give thanks to the Lord in prayer. Their reasoning and knowledge will remain on course, and they will ponder God’s mysteries. They will bring to light the learning of their instruction, and they will make the laws of the Lord’s covenant their boast. (Sirach 39.5-8 CEB)