links to 4+ items worth your time

1. On Why I Say ‘Happy Holidays’ by Pete Enns [required reading]

“… when people say “THEY” are taking Christ out of Christmas, who are people talking about? … Once someone thinks you have made them an enemy, the defenses go up. It becomes extremely hard for them to hear anything you have to say as a positive step in the relationship, no matter how well-intentioned it is. And so, Christians are increasingly perceived to be judgmental and intolerant, which is not a helpful moniker when you are trying to convert others to your position.”

2. A Virtual Tour Through the Places of Jesus’ Birth by Wayne Stiles

A 14 min. video.

3. Love and Lament by Richard Beck

“In short, lament psalms are songs sung by people desperately in love with God. The lament psalms aren’t for doubters, the lament psalms are for lovers.”

More on the psalms of lament.

4. Fossils: A Revelation of Beauty

“As a Christian paleontologist, I often reflect on Proverbs 25:2, ‘The glory of God is to keep things hidden; but the glory of kings is to fathom them.’ Studying fossils is literally about fathoming things which were hidden and are coming to light. This is a privilege.”