links to 4 items worth your time

1. Robert Alter completes his monumental translation of the Hebrew Bible

“There are two common approaches to the Bible: It’s either a sacred revelation whose existence is to be taken at face value, or a historical artifact to be dissected and contextualized. … Alter proposed a third way: analyze the Bible as an interconnected series of works of literature using the tools of literary analysis … At the time it was revolutionary. He looked at the Bible not as sacred, not as historical, but as artistic.”

2. The Triune God of the Bible: Seeing the Trinity in Scripture by Fred Sanders [75 min. video; required viewing]

“Where exactly in Scripture is the doctrine of the Trinity?”

3. Social Security helped slash elderly poverty to 9.2 percent in the 20th century – that triumph is now in jeopardy

“In 1959, more than a third of all elderly Americans lived in poverty.”

4. Everything Is for Sale Now. Even Us.

“Economists predict that by 2027, gig workers of varying descriptions will make up more than half of the work force. An estimated 47 percent of millennials already work in this way.”