links to 4 helpful articles

1. A Grave Climate Warning, Buried on Black Friday

“On Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year, the federal government published a massive and dire new report on climate change. The report warns, repeatedly and directly, that climate change could soon imperil the American way of life, transforming every region of the country, imposing frustrating costs on the economy, and harming the health of virtually every citizen. …

“The report is a huge achievement for American science. It represents cumulative decades of work from more than 300 authors. Since 2015, scientists from across the U.S. government, state universities, and businesses have read thousands of studies, summarizing and collating them into this document. By law, a National Climate Assessment like this must be published every four years.”

2. 100 million Americans have chronic pain. Very few use one of the best tools to treat it. [required reading]

“Overall, the takeaway is that ‘pain isn’t just something that happens to us,’ says Beth Darnall, a professor of anesthesiology at Stanford University. ‘We are participating with pain by how much attention we give to it, by the contents of our thoughts, and our appraisal. How awful and negative is it? How helpless and hopeless do you feel about it? Do you feel [like] a victim; do you feel at the mercy of your pain?'”

3. An exploding meteor may have wiped out ancient Dead Sea communities

“A superheated blast from the skies obliterated cities and farming settlements north of the Dead Sea around 3,700 years ago, preliminary findings suggest. Radiocarbon dating and unearthed minerals that instantly crystallized at high temperatures indicate that a massive airburst caused by a meteor that exploded in the atmosphere instantaneously destroyed civilization in a 25-kilometer-wide circular plain called Middle Ghor, said archaeologist Phillip Silvia. The event also pushed a bubbling brine of Dead Sea salts over once-fertile farm land … People did not return to the region for 600 to 700 years …”

4. Tel-Burna – Day on a Dig [10 min. video]

What a typical day on an archaeological dig in Israel is like.