links to 5+ helpful articles

1. Where Americans Find Meaning in Life

“… after family [69%], Americans mention a plethora of sources … from which they derive meaning and satisfaction: One-third bring up their career or job, nearly a quarter mention finances or money, and one-in-five cite their religious faith [20%], friendships, or various hobbies and activities.”

2. Do You Have a Healthy Personality? [required reading]

“A limitation of … early theories, however, is that many of them were not systematically tested. Recent research however, has begun to determine the personality profile that leads to optimal health and growth.”

3. New Jersey Teacher Wears Same Dress for 100 Days to Promote Sustainable Fashion

“… North Americans now are sending 12 million tons of textiles to landfills each year. … 95 percent of the discarded items could be recycled.”

4. A Man’s Last Letter Before Being Killed on a Forbidden Island

“Mr. Chau was trying to accomplish the impossible. The people on North Sentinel have not accepted anyone outside their society.”

5. Ichiran Ramen Is the World’s Best Restaurant for Eating Alone

“Guests are not only encouraged to eat alone — dining solo is required and enforced by Ichiran’s interior design.”

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