links to 4+ helpful articles

1. What church leaders should be doing

“… focused on Ephesians 4.7-16. … Leaders help others discover their own ministry. … Leaders help the body grow in unity. … Leaders help other Christians become more like Jesus. …”


2. American Exorcism

“… the ‘why now?’ question behind exorcism’s comeback; no evidence exists to suggest that child abuse has increased. The second doorway — an interest in the occult — might offer at least a partial explanation.”

3. Airline etiquette in the not-so-friendly skies

“… we can at least get back some civility by using these tips when taking to the skies. Here’s to happier travel!”

4. Not everyone wants their donations touted on Facebook or plastered on walls

“… while some people may feel good just knowing they helped someone even if no one else knows, others feel that they are a kind, giving person only when others find out about their good acts.”