links to 4 helpful articles

1. Why the Pilgrims were actually able to survive

“… despite the Pilgrims’ version of events – their survival largely hinged on two unrelated developments: an epidemic that swept through the region and a repository of advice from earlier explorers.”

2. What the first Thanksgiving dinner actually looked like

“The main course is the one scholars can speak about with certainty. … they were eating goose and duck rather than turkey. … venison likely had a prominent place alongside waterfowl on the first Thanksgiving table. … a side dish to the main course, a stew called sobaheg was most likely served. An easy way to make use of seasonal ingredients, the stew often included a mixture of beans, corn, poultry, squash, nuts and clam juice. … For carbs, look to cornbread, not potatoes. … the harvest of 1621 likely included beans, squash, onions, turnips and greens such as spinach and chard. All could have been cooked at length to create a pulpy sauce that later became a staple in early New England homes. … What about dessert? A regular supply of sugar or maple syrup wasn’t available in the area until much later.”

3. Psalm 23 Revisioned

“A Survivor’s Psalm: God is my shepherd. When I am afraid. When my soul feels lost, God keeps me in the green pastures near the cool water. God is the one who restores my aching soul. Even when I revisit deathly valleys, God remains with me. God alone holds my fear of evil, for God understands it like no other. In the presence of that evil, God feeds me, God anoints me; And I am satisfied. God’s steadfast loving kindness abides with me daily, And I will walk with God forever.”

4. Unexpected Ministry

“It is not our place as disciples in Christ’s ministry to cherry-pick who is valuable, worthy of being listened to or deemed to be part of our self-constructed sphere of interest. God created all people. Christ learned from and valued all people.”