links to 4 helpful articles

1. How to Make Friends as a Middle-Aged Man, Even if the Idea Makes You Feel Weird [required reading]

“… the overarching principle of healthy male friendship is: Throw off the burden of hyper masculinity placed on us by the fathers and grandfathers and coaches who snuffed out our crying and smiling and general emoting. They were wrong. And they were lonely.”

2. These Pastors Loved America So Much, They Wanted It to Stay British

“One of the most significant features of Loyalist arguments in support of the British government is that they were not entirely uncritical.”

3. Should You Keep Taking Those Fish Oil And Vitamin D Pills

“… 19 million Americans take fish oil supplements and some 37 percent of us take vitamin D. Many may be motivated by research that has suggested these pills can protect heart health and prevent cancer. On Saturday, NPR published a story on long-awaited research on both supplements that called those claims into question. The findings of the trial, called VITAL, were complex.”

4. Man-eating Fish, Tower of Babel Revealed on Ancient Mosaic

“More stunning scenes have been uncovered at the site of a fifth-century synagogue in Israel, where archaeologists have been excavating an ornate mosaic floor since 2012. The discoveries at Huqoq, a site three miles west of the Sea of Galilee, are especially striking due to the unusual subject matter depicted on the floor of the synagogue …”