links to 4+ helpful articles

1. The Embodied Church in a Digital Age

“If we are going to disincarnate every part of our faith, why not disincarnate Jesus as well?”

More; a 10 min. video.

2. How a Grieving Father Is Uncovering Mexico’s Mass Graves

“Guadalupe Contreras … makes his living finding corpses and has proved adept at the job, even compared with other grave hunters …

“Since Mexico’s drug war began in 2006, some 37,000 people have ‘disappeared’ throughout the country, and 3,600 in the state of Veracruz alone. But Martín Gabriel Barron Cruz, a criminologist at Mexico’s National Institute of Criminal Science, believes that the number of disappearances may far exceed the official toll, owing to government and police corruption and a fearful public. …

“… Contreras’ work has numbed and jaded him. But in many ways, he’s still like the other mothers and fathers of the disappeared. He struggles with the incertitude of [his son] Antonio’s vanishing, and when no one is around, he still cries for his son. … But his work in Veracruz puts needed distance between him and his grief.”

3. 11 Siri Hacks to Benefit Your Spiritual Life by Wayne Styles

“Let’s put Siri to work in our spiritual lives, shall we?”

More. Amazing things Siri can do.

4. Veterans Eligible for Getting Internet Service off $10 Per Month

“Once approved, veterans can also get a desktop or laptop computer for $149.99 plus tax, which includes Microsoft Office.”