links to 5 helpful articles

1. Aretha Franklin Doc ‘Amazing Grace’ Amplifies the Power of a Gospel Classic

“The new Aretha Franklin documentary ‘Amazing Grace’ — filmed in 1972 during the live recording sessions for her hit album of the same name, but not available for public viewing until today — is a marvelous 87-minute testament to Franklin’s unrivaled singing ability.”

2. Sunday School with Judges: Part 1, Judges is Hard on Judges by Richard Beck

“… sometimes we just need to let the Bible we weird and unsettling. I understand the impulse to smooth out all the rough, dark, violent edges. But I also worry about doing that all the time.”

3. Now it’s easier to protect your browsing privacy on iOS devices with app

“The gold standard for privacy protection on the Internet is to use a VPN service. This encrypts all traffic so your ISP has no way to know which sites you’re visiting or what you’re doing there. But trustworthy VPNs cost money. A free alternative approach which protects some of your data is to use a third-party Domain Name Server (DNS).”

4. As parking garages reach max life expectancy, expect more failures, experts say

In Texas, parking garages aren’t required to be inspected. [emphasis mine, DPS] Their owners aren’t required to tell you about any problems. That means for the hundreds, if not thousands … their safety is a mystery.

“Experts say that most parking garages … were constructed during a building boom in the 1980s. Engineers say they have an approximate 30-year life span. That means many garages in our area are well past their prime and potentially developing serious, even deadly, issues if left unaddressed.”

5. Doctor Who: Demons of the Punjab

“So much in this episode was rare, and yet so much of it felt like classic Doctor Who … For me, the episode was a compelling and deeply moving combination of everything I love most about Doctor Who. Interesting material about both human and Gallifreyan religion. Serious commentary about individual lives, history, morality, and the value of life.”