links to 5 helpful articles

1. 1.5 degrees [required reading]

“The burden of climate change falls first and heaviest on the poorest nations, who of course have done the least to cause the crisis.”

2. Solving Microplastic Pollution Means Reducing, Recycling—and Fundamental Rethinking

“The problem is only expected to balloon as plastic production increases exponentially — from … 300 million metric tons today [to a] … projected 33 billion metric tons each year by 2050.”

3. Remembering the Forgotten War

“Although more than 320,000 Americans served in the Korean War — and more than 33,000 were killed in action — it is still our Forgotten War, a kind of also-ran in our historical consciousness.”

4. A Potter’s Village — A “Potter’s Field?” — Matthew 27 — An Aramaic Inscription from Jerusalem

“Recently it was announced that a Potter’s Inscription was found in secondary usage (= spolia) near the International Convention Center in West Jerusalem. Is it possible that the “Potters’ Field,” mentioned in Matthew 27, was located near here?”

5. Did Camels Exist in Biblical Times?

“Some Biblical texts, such as Genesis 12 and 24, claim that Abraham owned camels. Yet archaeological research shows that camels were not domesticated in the land of Canaan until the 10th century B.C.E. — about a thousand years after the time of Abraham. This seems to suggest that camels in these Biblical stories are anachronistic. … Although camel domestication had not taken place by the time of Abraham in the land of Canaan, it had in Mesopotamia.”