links to 4 helpful articles

1. The Strange Gift of Alzheimer’s: Lessons from My Dying Father

“… our value is underwritten by God’s memory of us — not our memory of God.”

2. How Vanishing Biblical Sites Warn of Our Spiritual Lives

“We will find it much easier to maintain our convictions by a simple, daily commitment to God’s Word rather than trying to dig up old truths beneath years of neglect.”

3. The Origins of Democracy

“In looking for the origins of democracy, in fact, we will not find an unbroken tradition linking the democracies of the ancient world to those of the modern age. Democratic ideals and values disappeared from western Europe during the Middle Ages, and when they resurfaced in the 17th and 18th centuries, they were very different from their ancient predecessors. The roots of modern democracies lie in more recent times.”

4. Three Ways to Clear Up Space on You Smartphone

“Here are some of the best things to delete when you need space, and how to do it.”