chiasm: Matthew’s Gospel

It is well known that the substance of Matthew’s Gospel alternates between two types of material: narrative and discourse. What often goes unnoticed (due to modern, Western, linear thinking) is the relationships all of these narrative and sermon sections share with each other. However, when these relationships are noted, our eyes are opened and it becomes apparent that what Matthew is emphasizing (by means of chiasm), in this, his handbook/manual on discipleship, is what King Jesus says his kingdom is like and how it is received/rejected.

Read Matthew 13.1-53 and envision it as the summit of thought in Matthew’s Gospel … and that we shouldn’t be surprised that many reject the King and his kingdom (Matthew 13.54-58).


Credit: I failed to note the source in my notes, and so I will have to look, but I’m thinking perhaps I got this from Larry Chouinard’s helpful Amazon link on Matthew’s Gospel. I’ll check and update this post sometime this week.