links to 4 helpful articles

1. Why I Sing [essential reading]

“Fundamentally, singing reminds me that there is goodness and beauty in an ugly and sometimes evil world. Every time we come together to make music, we declare out loud what we intuit deeply in ourselves–that evil and ugliness cannot and will not have the last word. Therefore, singing for me is not an act of escapism, of forgetting the hard things around us, but rather resistance, a form of declaration, of demonstration, that the deeper story of life is one of goodness, of truth, and of beauty.”

2. 100 years later, the madness of Daylight Saving Time endures

“Why do we still do it?”

3. Fleeing fish, upended lives

“Marine life is facing an epic dislocation. The U.S. North Atlantic is a prime example. In recent years, at least 85 percent of the nearly 70 federally tracked species there had shifted north or deeper, or both, when compared to the norm over the past half-century, according to the Reuters analysis of U.S. fisheries data.”

4. Was Philip martyred at Hierapolis/Pamukkale?

“In 2011 they were convinced that they had located the tomb of Philip the Apostle (Matthew 10:3).”