links to 4 helpful articles

1. New Criterion for Voting: Words [essential reading]

“… Luke 6:45, ‘What comes out of the mouth is what’s overflowing in the heart.’ The words we speak are windows into the human heart. What we say in a moment of anger or frustration reveals something about us, whether we like it or not. All of us at times have said things we wished we could take back. No one is immune from ‘foot-in-mouth’ disease. The problem with such moments is not that we say things we don’t mean; we say them precisely because we mean them.”

2. What Parents Need Most from Their Pastors After a Miscarriage

“How can we best serve couples after miscarriage (not just women) and ensure they access the practical and spiritual support they need as they grieve and heal?”

3. Hush: How to Tell if God’s Speaking

“God’s voice is declared in many ways. God speaks through circumstances. God communicates through dreams and visions. God speaks through beings like angels and people. God speaks powerfully through Scripture. And God speaks through the still and small voice of his Spirit. God desires to share his wisdom in a wide number of ways.”

4. Use these 9 critical iPhone privacy and security settings right now

“I’ve written before that Apple is unique among modern tech giants in that it builds its products with privacy at the forefront. But many of those protections and tools available on every iPhone only make a difference if you’re aware of them–and judging from my conversations with friends, many people aren’t. If you’re an iPhone user, these are the security and privacy features you need to know about–and should be using.”