day 55 – put a psalm in my heart

Today we complete our pilgrimage to Jerusalem in song and continue on in life (Psalm 132-135). As we do so, we come across candidates for the award for “Bible texts that should be extremely familiar and deserve frequent reflection, repetition, and practice … but largely aren’t.”

Sometime this morning we read Psalm 132-133.

“I will not enter my house or go to my bed, I will allow no sleep to my eyes or slumber to my eyelids, till I find a place for the Lord.” (132.3-5a)

“How good and pleasant it is when God’s people live together in unity!” (133.1)

Near mid-day we read Psalm 134. Incidentally, this psalm is the last of the liturgy type psalms that appear in the book of Psalms (cf. Ps. 15,24,26,50,67,68,81,82,85,132,134).

“Praise the Lord, all you servants of the Lord who minister by night in the house of the Lord.” (134.1)

This evening we read Psalm 135.

“… the Lord will vindicate his people and have compassion on his servants …” (135.14; quoted in Heb. 10.30b)