day 38 – put a psalm in my heart

Today we insert the psalms of others into own our mix of memories and experiences with nature and life. Read Psalm 98-101.

This morning, read Psalm 98. If you’ve ever stood on a beach and listened to the roar of the ocean surf, tuned into the resounding clap of water spilling onto and around rocks in a stream, or heard the wind sing through the treetops on a wooded hillside, you can’t help but enjoy the way this psalm ends (vs. 7-8).

Near mid-day today, read Psalm 99-100. * Have you ever felt an earthquake? It is an unforgettable experience! If you’ve experienced such, then Psalm 99 surely has your attention from the very start (vs. 1). * If you’ve ever watched a shepherd take care of a flock of sheep and felt a bit mesmerized by it all, then the central point of Psalm 100 – considering who God is and what he is to us – is for you (vs. 3b).

Tonight, read Psalm 101. Did you ever pick your way through a challenging piece of terrain, constantly choosing where to place your every step – and where not to put it? If so, the metaphor of a walk carefully made stand out to you here (vs. 2b [RSV, etc.], 6).

Father God, thank you for reminding us to today that your two books of creation and revelation are one. Amen.