day 19 – put a psalm in my heart

Put Psalm 50-52 there today.

Morning. Psalm 50. All about God when around God’s people and assembled to worship, but not given to God’s ways the rest of the time? Trusting that as long as you just show up for church and be nice you’ve got your spiritual house in order? God has a problem with that. That’s what this psalm, a psalm of prophetic warning, is all about. If what you put on the altar doesn’t include all that you are (vs. 16-23), then all your sacrifices mean nothing (vs. 7-15). For what God wants is you, not crumbs.

Mid-day. Psalm 51. Does unrepented sin in your life truly bother and burden you? May it do just that. How does real repentance happen, what does it look like, and what all is involved? Owning up to it to yourself and God – confession – is the first step. Your heart has to be broken and you must be broken enough to admit your faults. This is not a one-time thing, must come from the heart, and result in a resolve and change in life. Conviction brings confession which leads to change and commitment. You can’t just grit this out on your own; you partner with the grace-giving God for it all. That’s what this psalm, a psalm of personal lament over person sin, is all about. What God wants is you, not crumbs.

Tonight. Psalm 52. Does it look like those who don’t bow to God are actually the big-time operators in life? Does it trouble you that men or women with wicked designs and ways perpetually have their foot on people’s throat, perhaps including your own? Reflect on this: God sees it all (vs. 1-3). Reflect on this: God will act on it all (vs. 4-5). Reflect on this: you need to, and can, stay planted in God’s steadfast love, waiting on him, placing your hope in him, and making him your refuge (vs. 6-9). This psalm of personal lament reminds us that what God wants is you, not crumbs, even/especially in the most difficult of times.