day 18 – put a psalm in my heart

Psalms are for doing as well as reading. As we read Psalm 47-49 today, my observations here will focus on identifying two healthy things we can do in relation to each psalm. This is a good habit for us to form as we read through any and every psalm.

This morning. Psalm 47; an enthronement hymn. I can “sing praises to God … our King, sing praises” (vs. 6) as I remind myself that God is “the King of all the earth” and “God reigns over the nations” (vs. 7-8).

Mid-day. Psalm 48; a Zion psalm. I can “meditate” on God’s “unfailing love” (vs. 9) and ” tell … the next generation” about God being “our guide even to the end.” (vs. 13b-14)

Tonight. Psalm 49; a wisdom psalm. I can “incline my ear to a proverb” of wisdom (vs. 4) and put fear in its place in my life, that is, out of it (vs. 5).