day 6 – put a psalm in my heart

Today’s reading is Psalm 18. It is not only an individual’s plea for God’s help, but a word of praise and thanksgiving by the king of Israel himself. And so, this psalm is a blend of thanksgiving on the part of an individual (e.g. – Ps. 9-10) and a psalm of royalty (e.g. – Ps. 2). Remember, Israel’s king was to be executor of God’s will and way for the blessing of all of God’s people – and all the people of the world – so this psalm of gratitude, extolling the greatness of God, is majestic in its own, special way.

Before you read all of Ps. 18, read vs. 3-6,49-50. Consider those few verses a brief synopsis and so, bear their message in mind as you read the rest of the psalm. Consider spreading out your reading across today, namely: vs. 1-19 this morning, vs. 20-30 around mid-day, and vs. 31-50 tonight.