day 1 – put a psalm in my heart

MoSt Church’s Bible reading project for 2018 is this: read and reflect on all 150 psalms in 60 days. Repeat that 5x (Jan.-Oct.). Today is Day 1.

Today’s reading is Psalm 1-5. Try this: read Ps. 1-2 when you get up, Ps. 3 at mid-day, and Ps. 4-5 at bedtime. Here are four brief notes:

[1] Psalm 1-2 are two strong pillars of introduction into the house of Psalms. Ps. 1 uses a macro lens, zooming in on two (very different!) individuals. Ps.2 uses a wide-angle lens, viewing all of humankind.

[2] Psalm 3-5 are the first three prayers in the Psalms. All three are of the same type, the most common kind found in the psalms, namely of someone crying out (lament) to God about deep trouble(s) in their life. They candidly lay out their problems to God and yet, often go on to express faith and confidence in him, usually counting some of their blessings along the way.

[3] In Psalm 3 the person praying is troubled by the number and significance of those who stand against him as enemies. In Psalm 4-5 the problem is the same – enemies are not in short supply – but, now the trouble is described more fully: people are spreading lies and falsehoods about the psalmist. It is not hard for any of us to identify with such prayers at some time or another in our life.

[4] Do not fail to note some of the great words of confidence in the final three psalms (3.4-6; 4.8; 5.11-12). I’d encourage you to review all of those verses together as a single, continuous reading just before you close your eyes to go to sleep tonight. 🙂

Here’s a Psalm 1-5 (NIV) to all of today’s reading and reflection.