Q. What would Jesus drive?

A. The answer is, to say the least, complex and is, ultimately, elusive. After all, consider him and some of who he is, and is to us:

He is the Son of God and the the Son of Man: a Fusion of divine and human, a Hybrid, you might say. He is Lord over everyone – truly Town and Country. Regal, he is, and yet we know how he rolled, a bit Rogue, so to speak, and in the temple courts at that!

Take Note: he could always out Juke his opponents. Such a Challenger and Wrangler he is! And he has been since the Genesis of things, no? Infiniti you might say.

He is the Way. So would he drive an Allroad, Compass, Journey, Land Rover, Odyssey, Pathfinder, Terrain, Trailblazer, Traverse, Trax, or Quest? He is the Truth. And so, an Acura, maybe? And yes, he is the Life. The Spark, if you please. We are Fit for God’s presence only in and through him.

And nothing, absolutely nothing, escapes his eye – no, not even a Beetle. Oh, and so, consider his WRX in light of what he sees! Wow, what a Legacy.

And to what end? One of his objectives is to give us Insight in our Quest for him, for us to change and sharpen our Focus, to daily turn over a new Leaf, and to watch for his Frontier to come.

We sing of him being our Pilot (Navigator) and he calls us to be his Forte. We expect him to make an Encore appearance one day; Impreza, for sure, and how we will RAV4 him on that day! Our Soul must be Galant for him until then.

He alone gives us Liberty and only by his grace can we look forward to our … wait for it … Miata!

And so, what would Jesus drive?

I can only imagine.

obituary for a good car


We’re gathered here to celebrate the life of David & Debbie’s Buick Century.

Born in Canada in October 1998 – “Brownie” or “99” as she was affectionately known within the family – went the way of all the earth just this afternoon here in Baytown, Texas.

Known for her utter reliability and quiet, unassuming manner and appearance (brown paint, brown interior, and four doors) she will be missed by those whom she ferried – with nearly no complaint – over a quarter of a million miles and the multitude of other vehicles and passengers she successfully dodged on our nation’s highways for almost two decades.

Her owners would have all to know that she was faithful all of her days, even making certain with her last, struggling gasps for breath that her driver arrived home safe and sound!

As we went through ’99’s personal affects this afternoon, we found that she was a bit of a miser. Her owners believe she saved this money – $ 23.31 – carefully squirreled away in her floorboards, between her seat cushions, etc. – for them for just such a time as this.

Her owners recall with great fondness how she’d play games with some of her grandchildren each time she arrived to pick them up from school or church. “All the money you find in the seats and floorboards is yours to keep for your piggy banks so find all you can, and quick!” And oh, what a sound of glee would erupt as “treasure” was discovered yet again and again and again!

Good memories, these are, that will not rust or fade with time.

And – she still found ways to save this hoard for now. Thoughtful of others until the end!

Let us pray.

Thank you, Father God, for these good wheels, so very true, for so long. RIP.

Arrangements are pending as to Brownie’s final resting place although consideration is being given to the Impact Houston Church of Christ, the American Red Cross, or National Public Radio.

The family suggests that any memorials made in her memory be sent to the GM V-6 Intake Manifold Gasket Care Center.