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Read the same way you eat a watermelon: swallow the meat and spit out the seeds.

Aging, business, fulfillment, meaning, retirement & work: Why Retirement is a Dirty Word

“… we’ve now raised a few generations to look for fulfillment in the pasture, not their work. Satisfaction is a future thing, not a present possibility. Joy is for later. Meaning and significance comes from checking out down the road. If you’re looking for a way to murder your heart, then congratulations. That’s it.”

Beauty, femininity, modesty & sexuality: Dear Teens, I Do Not Want to Photograph Sex Appeal

“Girls, sexy is not the only way to show your beauty.  You do not have to pose and dress provocatively in pictures to be beautiful.”

Demographics, history, people movements & the United States: Where We Came From, State by State

“We charted how Americans have moved between states since 1900. See how your state has changed.”

Evil, faith, good, perspective, right, truth & wrong: Faith is Messy – Which is Where God is Found [required reading]

“When we start with big universal ideas, at the level of concepts and –isms, we too often stay there—and forever argue about theory, and making more ‘crucial distinctions.’ At that level, the mind is totally in charge. It is then easy to think that ‘I love people’ (but not any individual people). We defend universal principles of justice but would not actually live fully just lives ourselves. The universal usually just gives us a way out. The concrete gives us a way in!”