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Children’s ministry: The Most Important Sub-Ministry In Your Church

“Here’s the lesson: You can drop the ball in the service, but ace it with the kids, and still have a chance that they’ll return. But no matter how good the service is, if the children’s ministry is bad, they won’t come back – unless they’re people without children. Too many people treat children’s ministry as a necessary evil. It’s severely underfunded, understaffed, and underappreciated. Wake up. Children are the heart of your growth engine.”

Dignity: What Maya Angelou Did on the First Day of Class

“When you recognize someone’s name, you recognize them not just as human but as a person. One of the greatest ways you bestow human dignity on someone is by calling them by name.”

Encouragement & ministry: The Single Most Encouraging Thing You Can Do for a Pastor

“I will tell you, friend, that when you encourage a messenger God sends to your church, the Lord in Heaven takes note and counts it as something done for Him.  Likewise, if you set yourself to discouraging and undermining the minister, God takes that personally also, and the news for you is not good.”

God & perspective: The God Who Shows Off Broken Seashells

“To a child, it is silly to think that a broken edge could somehow diminish the value of a seashell. The edge is simply a testament to the waves that brought the shell to shore – waves which provide another source of continual amazement.”

Life & priorities: 7 Steps to Live Your Ideal Eulogy

“One of my favorite authors, Jon Acuff, has a poignant section in his book Start called “The Plane Crash”. He talks about creating a pretend, life-ending disaster in your head and asking yourself the question, ‘If I died today, what would I regret not being able to do?’ A little morbid, but effective. Of course, the real question that comes out of this exercise is ‘Are those the things I’m doing right now?'”