Hebrews 1-2: today’s discussion questions


1. What has Jesus done for all of creation and what does he do today?

2. What are common distractions and temptations to stop paying attention to God and to drift away from him?

3. What would tempt you to give up your faith in Christ?

4. If you gave up following Christ, what would you leave him to become? Why?

5. “Think right and good actions will follow.” Do right and your head will eventually come along.” Which is it? Explain.

6. What makes salvation in Christ so great?

7. Christ is your brother. What does that mean? To you personally?

8. If God is in control, why does pain and suffering continue on? What good could God possibly bring from it?

9. What makes people fearful of death? Are you afraid of death?

10. Engage this statement: “If you’re a devoted Christian, your life will not be full of pain or strewn with enormous difficulties.”

11. Paint a word picture for us as to what Christ looks like now in all his glory.

12. What does a priest do? What does Jesus, our high priest, do for us?