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Ashdod: Picture of the Week: Ashdod

“This site was occupied by Israel’s most notorious neighbor, was a flourishing city 100 acres in size, and was once a resting place of the Ark of the Covenant. Yet this site is hardly (if ever) visited by tourists in Israel today. … the Philistine city of Ashdod.”

Benjamin Plateau & Nebi Samwil: The Benjamin Plateau

“… the most important aspect of the land of Benjamin was location. Anybody traveling to or from Jerusalem from the west, north or east must go through this land, and in particular, they must pass through the Benjamin Plateau.”

Carchemish: Excitement at Carchemish

“Excavations are right on a military zone with 55 hectares in Turkey and 35 in Syria.”

Israel trip: 7 Ways Your Holy Land Tour Will Stay with You for Years

“A Holy Land tour exposes us to the context of the Bible in a way we never imagined. We gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for the Word of God. And God uses Scripture to change us.”

James ossuary: * The James Box Has been Freed!; * Public Will Be Able to See Limestone Box That May Have Been Casket for Jesus’ Brother

* “… the James Ossuary, after a ten year battle, has finally been returned to Oded Golan, its rightful owner.”

* “The stone burial box bearing the inscription “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus” has been hidden from public view at the Israel Antiquities Authority since 2003.”

Rome: Tour Ancient Rome

[5 min. video]

Swine: Who’d Import Pigs to Israel? Ancient Europeans, Researchers Say

“… Israeli researchers involved in a lengthy project whose goal is to reconstruct ancient Israel have now established that the pigs here are of European stock, unlike their Middle Eastern counterparts elsewhere in the region, and that they probably arrived with the non-kosher Philistines about 3,000 years ago.”