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Corinth: The Fountain of Peirene at Corinth

“A large city such as Corinth needed a good water supply. Water from subterranean springs flowed underneath the city and was captured in a reservoir with a capacity of over 81,000 gallons. The Fountain of Peirene was the city’s most important water supply. Even now, if one stands anywhere near the openings in the once impressive structure he can hear the water flowing in the natural spring underneath the city.”

Date palm trees: “Methuselah” Still Going Strong

“During excavations by the late Ehud Netzer in 1973 at the site of Herod the Great’s fortified mountaintop palace at Masada in Israel, archeologists uncovered a cache of seeds stowed away in a clay jar about 2,000 years ago. …  in 2005 … botanical researcher Elaine Solowey received one of them for an experimental planting. Solowey planted a seed in a pot … immediately after receiving them. Since then, it has sprouted into a seedling, produced its first blossom in 2011, and now flourishes as a young date palm.”

Ein Gedi: Photographing Wildlife at Ein Gedi

“The ibex (Capra nubiana) … [and the] rock hyrax (Procavia capensis) …”

Gennesaret: They Came To Land at Gennesaret

“… located on the northwestern edge of the Sea of Galilee.”

Western Wall: Defaced Western Wall Excavations — Ugleeee!

“…  the “Women of the Wall” have been provided with a platform upon which they can pray—not AT the “Western/Wailing Wall” but south of it and south of the ramp that leads into the Haram esh-Sharif (Temple Mount)—covering Benjamin Mazar’s and Ronny Reich’s excavations!”