a letter to my U.S. Senators and Representative


My two U.S. Senators are John Cornyn and Ted Cruz. My U.S. Representative is Steve Stockman. Following is the text of an e-mail I sent them recently.

I share this with you here to encourage you to avoid participating in the many negative and destructive conversations that make the air heavy these days and to deliberately choose a different path: praying for our national government’s leaders and respectfully sharing your thoughts with them.

Dear __________,

You deserve more clear and consistent input from more of your constituency. Please forgive me for not communicating with you more often. I write to you now, and appeal to you, as a Christian and as a preaching minister for over thirty years. Let me say candidly and concisely three things that are on my mind.

(1) The government shutdown must be ended. It is always the most vulnerable in our society who suffer the most from such and I minister with some of these people, and to many more who minister to them, every week of every month of every year. Therefore, I urge you to immediately work to end the government shutdown now. Sever any ties of agreement on such with the Affordable Care Act. Please make these two matters – ending the government shutdown and Obamacare – two separate matters of discussion, both now and in the future.

(2) I urge you to vigorously work toward raising the debt limit. I want to see it raised before the deadline. We must not attempt to navigate uncharted paths at this time. While I don’t want to see our nation go off into the ditch on our left (insurmountable debt), I certainly don’t want to see us over-correct (by means of not raising the debt limit at this time) and so, land in the ditch on our right, taking no small part of the entire world with us.

(3) Know that I talk to God in prayer for you often. You carry a great weight of responsibility, but know that you do not carry it without others praying for you. Here is a link to a sample of one of my printed prayers for government leaders.

Thank you for listening to, and seriously considering, the thoughts of this very concerned citizen.

May God help you in all your work and bless you and yours in every thing you do.