a prayer for all civic leaders and politicians


Holy Father, God and King over all creation,

I come to you in the name of the Lord Jesus today, lifting up to you every civic leader and civil servant, every politician and government office holder, in this world.

Praise be to you for so ordering things that there is some semblance of order in this world gone wicked and mad.

Thank you not only for not writing off this part of your creation and allowing this world to descend into total disorder and anarchy, but for relentlessly pursuing it with your great love.

All glory and praise be to you in that you – wonder of wonders! – daily work your infallible will through fallible men and women.

And so may each and every one of these servant leaders know you, Father; truly know you and live for you for with every beat of their heart.

May you not be closed off from their first consideration in all their agreements, ballots, choices, decisions, deliberations, discussions, and votes.

Bring what you would to bear in the life of each of them to the end that they ever seek you foremost, seeking to honor and love you in everything by loving people with your love.

When they pray to you, listen to their prayers and give them the confidence that their prayers are heard by you.

Constantly call to their mind your promises as well the promises they have made to you, for these are ever greater than the promises they have made to others.

Ceaselessly broaden their field of vision, ever educating them to the needs of all the people they serve, and not merely those who like or support them.

May they ever learn, and love to learn, what is holy and good, pure and noble.

As they owe many people favors and kindnesses, ever guide them in the way of doing right, making them incapable of being bought or owned by others.

As they deal with much money often, guard their hearts, and all connected to them, from the love of money.

Shine your light on any and everything within them that even leans toward arrogance, deceit, deception, pettiness, pride, self-reliance, selfishness, or revenge.

Kill within them anything like even a single seed of the party spirit that kills the spirit of so many.

Enable them to recognize every form of subtle trickery, underhandedness, and manipulation, and as they identify such, may they not succumb to such or come to embody it themselves.

Surround them with good counsel, good friends, and good support, lest they find themselves surrounded by those who would seek to do evil to them or through them.

Remove any and all blinders with which others would mask them and summon up within them the vision to see through every unhealthy influence put to them by others.

As they are privy to and entrusted with far more than can ever be revealed to the people they serve, deliver them from being puffed up with such knowledge, along with their constituents in their ignorance.

Protect their hearts from the callousness that can grow from being constantly exposed to the friction and toil of gossip, lies, misrepresentations, misunderstanding, rumors, and slander.

As their families live constantly in the face of the camera and every watching eye, and as even the slightest matters of their loved ones are ever scrutinized and examined, safeguard all from bitterness and cynicism.

Still the tongues of all who mindlessly and heartlessly criticize, judge, and demean these servants of yours, putting within us all instead the ever present reminder to only do to others as we would have them do to us.

Help them to see beyond themselves, their dreams, and personal ambitions, and to perceive instead, your calling as to what you have in mind and would have done.

Shield them from despair and despondency when their good work surely seems in vain or once again goes unappreciated.

Forget not their righteous works and grant a good harvest from every seed of good mercy and true justice that they plant.

Give them a constant awareness of, and sensitivity to, the effects their attitudes and actions have on the most vulnerable in society, and grant them the courage to gladly stand up for such without hesitation, apology, or compromise.

When they are at an impasse with other leaders, may their efforts to work together never cease, growing instead only more sincere and humble, conciliatory and constructive with each passing day.

Pour out on them a steady shower of your discernment and wisdom that they may be quick to forgive of things past and equipped to forge a foundation for better relationships between all in the future.

Forgive them of their deliberate sins, as well as all unintentional slights to you or harm to any creature or aspect of creation.