Megiddo: stone steps



You’re thinking: “Okay, so these are steps carved out of stone. So what?” The “so what” is that these steps were cut into the rock leading up to the ancient city of Megiddo before the time of Solomon (over 2,900 years ago). They lead up to a water system that supplied the city’s needs at the time. They’re designated as location #1 on the map we posted here.

Archaeological excavations have revealed quite a number of things from the various time periods of Megiddo’s habitation. Consequently, when you’re walking around tel Megiddo looking at different structures, it’s imperative to bear in mind that you’re looking at things from different. By no means were all the structures that can be seen today in use at the same time “back in the day.” This will be obvious in future posts regarding Megiddo for we’ll bounce around a bit on the historical time scale in the posting of pics of some of the various sights.