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Anaharath/Tel Rekhesh: Canaanite Altar Discovered at Tel Rekhesh

“Tel Rekhesh (Tell el-Mukharkhash) is located on the northern side of Nahal Tabor, five miles (8 km) southeast of Mount Tabor. Yohanan Aharoni identified it as biblical Anaharath (Josh 19:19), a city also mentioned in the records of Thutmose III, Amenhotep II, as well as in the Amarna Letters.”

Assos: *Paul on the Road to Assos; * Paul at Assos — Part 1

* “Towards the end of Paul’s Third Missionary Journey on his way to Jerusalem Paul stopped for about at week at (Alexandria) Troas … From there he walked by foot from Troas to Assos while his seven companions traveled by sea to Assos (Acts 20:13–14).”

* “At the time of Paul’s visit, the Temple of Athena was almost 600 years old.  It is situated on the Acropolis that towers 780 ft. over the Aegean Sea.”

Catacombs: The Catacombs of Rome have an Apologetic Value

“The catacombs of Rome are the main sources of art by Christians in the 2nd and 3rd centuries A.D. Markers often carry the image of a shepherd, lamb, anchor, fish, or some other symbol. The fish or the word fish was used to indicate a Christian or a place where Christians met in those days. The Greek word for fish is Ichthus. When used as an acrostic with each letter standing for a word or phrase the word means, Jesus Christ, God’s Son, the Savior. It is estimated that as many as one hundred thousand inscriptions were carved on the walls of the catacombs. About 15,000 have been discovered.”

Jerusalem: * Jerusalem Home Harbors Temple Artifacts; Jerusalem – New Reconstruction Drawings

* “Miriam Siebenberg lives in a very unusual house – unusual because of the fact that her home was built on top of another home, one that existed over 2,000 years ago. Within the ancient walls of Jerusalem’s Old City, Miriam and her husband Theo purchased a house after the Six-Day War, eventually discovering that it contained a treasure trove of history buried deep underground.”

* “Our Image Library has been updated with many new drawings. There are two new series on Jerusalem, new reconstruction drawings in portrait orientation of the Tabernacle, the Temples of Solomon and Herod, also of Herodium and other sites.”

Jewelry: Gold Diadem

“High-ranking or wealthy Greek women often wore elaborate diadems and hairnets of gold and gemstones as part of their jewelry. … This elaborate example is decorated with a miniature snake on each of the four edges, twelve gold rosettes, and two long tassels, which would be placed on the forehead.” [cf. 1 Peter 3.1-4]

Wine press: Roman Period Wine Presses at Eretz Israel Museum

“In the photo … we see … we see two Roman period wine presses. … The treading floors are on the left and the collecting vats are on the right.”