Caesarea Maritima: the amphitheatre/hippodrome (2)



To visit Caesarea Maritima today, one might think that most of what can be seen now has always been obvious, especially given its location beside the sea. However, such is not the case. Even, a quick perusal of the writings of visitors a hundred years ago reveal no awareness whatsoever of much of what is visible today.

In fact, from the third century A.D. onward Рover a millennium and a half ago Рthe area occupied by the amphitheatre/hippodrome was either neglected and left to erosion by the elements, deliberately filled in with sand and debris, or built upon by other construction. Only in recent decades has archaeological excavation, on both land and under the sea, revealed what was largely hidden from view.

A small stretch of some of the eastern section of the amphitheatre/hippodromee has been deliberately left unexcavated so as to illustrate the challenge and effort required of archaeologists. In this section of dirt, pictured above, the various, striped layers of deposits and rubble through the centuries can be clearly seen.

And so, if you can see Caesarea Maritima, thank an archaeologist, and thank God for them!