this went thru my mind (on violence)


V-for-violenceIncarceration & prison reform: Behind ‘The New Black’: The Real Piper’s Prison Story

“… the single most important thing is to send far fewer nonviolent, first-time offenders in the first place. To hold people accountable in the community would be the most important first step.”

Peace & transformation: Beating AK47s into Shovels

“Inspired by the prophets’ vision of ‘beating swords into plows’, these Mennonite metal-workers started turning guns into garden tools. They call themselves RAW tools (turning ‘war’ around and forging peace).”

Photography & war: Haunting Images Chronicle 165 Years Of A World At War

“We need to tell the public, the public of the entire world what war is really like … The more you’ve seen of death and inhumanity, the more it turns you into someone who really can’t stand the sight of war.”

War: Hauerwas and ‘War and the Irish Difference’

“The church does not so much have a plan or a policy to make war less horrible or to end war. Rather, the church is the alternative to the sacrifice of war in a war-weary world. The church is the end of war … Christ has shattered the silence that overwhelms our killing and restores those who have killed, because his sacrifice overwhelms our killing and restores us to a life of peace. Indeed we believe that it remains possible for those who have killed to be reconciled with those they have killed. This is no sentimental bonding represented by the comradeship of battle. This is reconciliation made possible by the hard wood of the cross.”

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