links to the land


Glass: Translucent Blue Green Glass Jug

“… from the late first or second century AD.”

Jezreel Valley: The View from King Ahab’s Front Porch

“The above picture was taken from the tel at Jezreel, looking north toward the Hill of Moreh across the Jezreel Valley. How many Biblical events can you name that took place within the area of this picture? Here is a partial list …”

Laodicea: Huge Old Columns Found Underground in Ancient City of Laodicea

“Excavations in the Aegean province of Denizli’s ancient city of Laodicea have revealed 1,900-year-old huge columns seven meters underground. The columns were found in the area known as the northern agora … They were in the same condition as when an earthquake ruined them. … Dust erosion and residue have filled the earth here and preserved the columns.”

Masada: Is Masada Mentioned in the Bible? [required reading]

“Gordon Franz ( says King David visited the site of Masada at least three times. (1) After sending his parents to Moab (1 Samuel 22:1-5). Take a look at the previous post with the photos and map showing the lisan (tongue) of the Dead Sea. I envision this as the place where David could most easily cross to Moab and then return to the stronghold. (2) After he spared Saul’s life at Engedi (En Gedi) (1 Samuel 24:22). (3) When the Philistines were searching for him (2 Samuel 5:17).”

Warren’s Gate, Western Wall Tunnel & Wilson’s Arch: The Western Wall Tunnel—An Underground Journey to Century-One Jerusalem [required reading]

“Most of the Western Wall lies buried beneath the rubble of time and hasn’t seen the light of day for centuries. But a tunnel lets you see the entire length of the wall today.”

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