Tel Aviv: mezuzah



Our accommodations in Tel Aviv were simply superb; we stayed at the Dan Panorama Hotel. Built close to the Mediterranean shore and with windows facing it, the view was great. The rooms were quite nice and we ate like kings every meal. Yes, it’s a luxury hotel. Can you say “spoiled rotten?”

Something I hadn’t thought about being there, but instantly noticed when I got to Israel was that you could always count on a mezuzah being on the doorframe of your hotel room. The photo above is of the mezuzah on the doorframe to my room at the Dan Panorama.

What is a mezuzah? It’s a small, rectangular container for a piece of parchment with the text of Deuteronomy 6.4-9 and 11.13-21 inscribed on it. As one source puts it: “On the outer side of the top of the parchment is inscribed the name of God … and an opening is left in the case opposite this word, which opening is protected by a piece of glass. … The pious [Jew will] touch and kiss this part of the mezuzah as they pass through the door. The mezuzah is obligatory for every building used as a residence …”

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